Course List

# Number Title
1 101 Introduction to Computer Concepts
History, application, and social impact of computers; problem-solving, algorithm development, applic
histori applic social impact comput problem solv algorithm develop applic softwar program procedur l
2 102 General Applications Programming
Introduction to systematic computer problem-solving and programming for a variety of applications.
introduct systemat comput problem solv program varieti applic
3 145 Algorithmic Design I
Problem-solving, algorithmic design, and programming.
problem solv algorithm design program
4 146 Algorithmic Design II
Continuation of CSCE 145. Rigorous development of algorithms and computer programs; elementary data
continu csce rigor develop algorithm comput program elementari data structur
5 190 Computing in the Modern World
An introduction to the field of computing: trends in computing technology, the profession, and caree
introduct field comput trend comput technolog profess career subdisciplin comput natur research deve
6 201 Introduction to Computer Security
Introduction to the theory and practice of computer security, including security policies, authentif
introduct theori practic comput secur includ secur polici authentif digit certif firewal malici code
7 204 Program Design and Development
Fundamental algorithms and processes used in business information systems. Development and represent
fundament algorithm process busi inform system develop represent program logic introduct implement h
8 205 Business Applications Programming
Introduction to computer applications in business. Programming exercises in COBOL.
introduct comput applic busi program exercis cobol
9 206 Scientific Applications Programming
Introduction to computer applications in science and engineering. Programming exercises in a high-le
introduct comput applic scienc engin program exercis high level languag
10 207 UNIX System Administration
The Unix programming environment: I/O programming, Unix processes, fork, exec, pipes and signals, an
unix program environ program unix process fork exec pipe signal tool
11 209 Special Topics in Computer Programming
Programming and application development using selected programming languages. Course content varies
program applic develop select program languag content vari announc schedul class suffix titl
12 210 Computer Hardware Foundations
Number representation, data formats, CPU and memory organization, assembly language, I/O and periphe
number represent data format cpu memori organ assembl languag peripher comput network
13 211 Digital Logic Design
Number systems, Boolean algebra, logic design, sequential machines.
number system boolean algebra logic design sequenti machin
14 212 Introduction to Computer Architecture
Computer architecture, components. and organization; memory addressing; Input/Output; instruction se
comput architectur compon organ memori address input output instruct set interrupt assembl languag p
15 215 UNIX/Linux Fundamentals
UNIX operating system, user-level system commands, and programming tools. UNIX scripting languages.
unix oper system user level system command program tool unix script languag
16 240 Introduction to Software Engineering
Fundamentals of software design and development; software implementation strategies; object-oriented
fundament softwar design develop softwar implement strategi object orient design techniqu ethic soft
17 242 Client-Server Computing
Web technologies to support client-server computing. Implementation of client-server applications.
web technolog support client server comput implement client server applic
18 245 Object-Oriented Programming Techniques
Advanced object-oriented concepts and techniques; multiple inheritance; memory management; operator
advanc object orient concept techniqu multipl inherit memori manag oper overload polymorph perform i
19 304 Applied Problem Solving and Programming
Systematic problem definition, solution formulation, and computer implementation for business and re
systemat problem definit solut formul comput implement busi relat area internet databas applic progr
20 311 Operating Systems
Operating system structure and function; process implementation, scheduling, and synchronization; me
oper system structur function process implement schedul synchron memori manag secur name protect res
21 313 Embedded Systems
Fundamentals of embedded systems: hardware components, software components, hardware/software interf
fundament embed system hardwar compon softwar compon hardwar softwar interfac design hardwar softwar
22 317 Computer Systems Engineering
System-level modeling and evaluation of computer systems: requirements elicitation and specification
system level model evalu comput system requir elicit specif architectur design reliabl perform evalu
23 330 Programming Language Structures
Formal specification of syntax and semantics; structure of algorithms; list processing and string ma
formal specif syntax semant structur algorithm list process string manipul languag statement type co
24 350 Data Structures and Algorithms
Techniques for representing and processing information, including the use of lists, trees, and graph
techniqu repres process inform includ list tree graph analysi algorithm sort search hash techniqu
25 355 Foundations of Computation
Basic theoretical principles of computing as modeled by formal languages, grammars, automata, and Tu
basic theoret principl comput model formal languag grammar automata ture machin fundament limit comp
26 374 Robotic Applications and Design
Design and control of robots. Interactions between robots, sensing, actuation, and computation.
design control robot interact robot sens actuat comput
27 390 Professional Issues in Computer Science and Engineering
Professional issues in the information technology professions; history and social context of computi
profession issu inform technolog profess histori social context comput profession respons privaci in
28 415 Mainframe Systems
Introduction to the large scale computer systems used by businesses to support thousands of simultan
introduct larg scale comput system busi support thousand simultan user process million transact
29 416 Introduction to Computer Networks
Concepts and components of computer networks and the Internet; network applications; network protoco
concept compon comput network internet network applic network protocol stack
30 490 Capstone Software Engineering Project I
Major team-based software design project to be undertaken in a student’s final year of study; projec
major team base softwar design project undertaken student final year studi project plan softwar requ
31 491 Capstone Computer System Project
Advanced computer systems engineering. Team projects.
advanc comput system engin team project
32 492 Capstone Software Engineering Project II
Continuation of CSCE 490. Computer system implementation, testing, verification and validation of re
continu csce comput system implement test verif valid result written report oral present technic set
33 498 Independent Study
Individual investigation or study of special topics. At most three credits may be applied toward a d
individu investig studi special topic credit appli degre
34 500 Computer Programming and Applications
Concepts and properties of algorithms; programming exercises with emphasis on good programming habit
concept properti algorithm program exercis emphasi good program habit
35 510 System Programming
System software such as command language interpreters, client-server applications, debuggers; mail s
system softwar command languag interpret client server applic debugg mail system browser macroproces
36 512 System Performance Evaluation
Measuring, modeling, analyzing, and predicting performance of computer systems and networks; bottlen
measur model analyz predict perform comput system network bottleneck analysi markovian queu system n
37 513 Computer Architecture
Design methodology; processor design; computer arithmetic: algorithms for addition, multiplication,
design methodolog processor design comput arithmet algorithm addit multipl float point arithmet micr
38 515 Computer Network Programming
Computer networks and communication protocols; socket programming; interprocess communication; devel
comput network commun protocol socket program interprocess commun develop network softwar case studi
39 516 Computer Networks
Structure, design, and analysis of computer networks; ISO/OSI network architecture.
structur design analysi comput network iso osi network architectur
40 517 Computer Crime and Forensics
Methodical approaches for collecting and preserving evidence of computer crimes. Foundational concep
method approach collect preserv evid comput crime foundat concept file system structur mac time netw
41 520 Database System Design
Database management systems; database design and implementation; security, integrity, and privacy.
databas manag system databas design implement secur integr privaci
42 522 Information Security Principles
Threats to information resources and appropriate countermeasures. Cryptography, identification and a
threat inform resourc countermeasur cryptographi identif authent access control model mechan multile
43 526 Service Oriented Computing
Cooperative information systems and service-oriented computing. Techniques for achieving coordinated
cooper inform system servic orient comput techniqu achiev coordin behavior decentr group inform syst
44 531 Compiler Construction
Techniques for design and implementation of compilers, including lexical analysis, parsing, syntax-d
techniqu design implement compil includ lexic analysi pars syntax direct translat symbol tabl manag
45 547 Windows Programming
Object-oriented methods and tools for application programming with graphically interactive operating
object orient method tool applic program graphic interact oper system
46 548 Building Secure Software
Construction of software systems resistant to vulnerabilities and attacks. Cryptographic tools. Lang
construct softwar system resist vulner attack cryptograph tool languag oper system network secur cas
47 551 Theory of Computation
Basic theoretical principles of computing as modeled by formal languages and automata; computability
basic theoret principl comput model formal languag automata comput comput complex
48 552 Computer Game Development
Design and development of computer games, with emphasis on the technologies used. Hands-on developme
design develop comput game emphasi technolog hand develop comput game
49 555 Algorithms in Bioinformatics
Concepts, algorithms and tools for important problems in Bioinformatics, including nucleotide and am
concept algorithm tool import problem bioinformat includ nucleotid amino acid sequenc align dna frag
50 557 Introduction to Cryptography
Design of secret codes for secure communication, including encryption and integrity verification: ci
design secret code secur commun includ encrypt integr verif cipher cryptograph hash public kei crypt
51 561 Numerical Analysis
Interpolation and approximation of functions; solution of algebraic equations; numerical differentia
interpol approxim function solut algebra equat numer differenti integr numer solut ordinari differen
52 563 Systems Simulation
Computer simulation of real systems; principles of system organization; random number generation; pr
comput simul real system principl system organ random number gener program exercis simul languag
53 564 Computational Science
Parallel algorithms; scientific visualization; techniques for solving scientific problems.
parallel algorithm scientif visual techniqu solv scientif problem
54 565 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Graphics hardware; graphics primitives; two-dimensional and three-dimensional viewing; basic modelin
graphic hardwar graphic primit dimension dimension view basic model
55 567 Visualization Tools
Scientific visualization tools as applied to sampled and generated data; methods for data manipulati
scientif visual tool appli sampl gener data method data manipul represent investig visual techniqu
56 569 Parallel Computing
Architecture and interconnection of parallel computers; parallel programming models and applications
architectur interconnect parallel comput parallel program model applic issu high perform comput prog
57 574 Robotics
Design and application of robotic systems; emphasis on mobile robots and intelligent machines.
design applic robot system emphasi mobil robot intellig machin
58 578 Text Processing
Text and natural language processing; formal models and data structures appropriate for text process
text natur languag process formal model data structur text process select topic comput linguist styl
59 580 Artificial Intelligence
Heuristic problem solving, theorem proving, and knowledge representation, including the use of appro
heurist problem solv theorem prove knowledg represent includ program languag tool
60 582 Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs
Normative approaches to uncertainty in artificial intelligence. Probabilistic and causal modeling wi
norm approach uncertainti artifici intellig probabilist causal model bayesian network influenc diagr
61 590 Topics in Information Technology
Reading and research on selected topics in information technology. Course content varies and will be
read research select topic inform technolog content vari announc schedul cours suffix titl repeat cr
62 611 Advanced Digital Design
Design techniques for logic systems; emphasis on higher-level CAD tools such as hardware description
design techniqu logic system emphasi higher level cad tool hardwar descript languag function model
63 612 VLSI System Design
VLSI design process models, introduction to EDA tools, HDL modeling and simulation, logic synthesis
vlsi design process model introduct eda tool hdl model simul logic synthesi simul benchmark design p
64 613 Fundamentals of VLSI Chip Design
Design of VLSI circuits, including standard processes, circuit design, layout, and CAD tools. Lectur
design vlsi circuit includ standard process circuit design layout cad tool lectur guid design projec