Course List

# Number Title
1 15 Undergraduate Seminar
Presentation of professional problems and practices by students, faculty, and industry professionals
present profession problem practic student faculti industri profession comput inform scienc
2 101 Introduction to Computing Systems
Introduction to computer hardware, securing your system, networking, understanding application and s
introduct comput hardwar secur system network understand applic system softwar effect internet resou
3 102 Introduction to Spreadsheet Applications
Designing, building, modifying and formatting spreadsheets. Use of formulas, functions and charts. E
design build modifi format spreadsheet formula function chart edit document properti print larg spre
4 103 Introduction to Database Applications
Design, create, modify, and maintain relational databases. Creating and modifying tables, relationsh
design creat modifi maintain relat databas creat modifi tabl relationship queri form add modifi data
5 104 Introduction to Word Processing Applications
Basic features of word processing that include creating, formatting, and editing a document. Inserti
basic featur word process includ creat format edit document insert format pictur document revis upda
6 105 Introduction to Computer Programming
An introduction to computer problem solving; basic programming logic; algorithms; control structures
introduct comput problem solv basic program logic algorithm control structur data structur focu cont
7 111 Introduction to Computer Programming
Introduction to programming. Principles and applications of programming fundamentals: state, control
introduct program principl applic program fundament state control structur method arrai program proj
8 115 Introduction to Computing Science
A survey of the discipline of Computing Science and its interaction with other disciplines, incorpor
survei disciplin comput scienc interact disciplin incorpor histor develop theori tool comput scienc
9 125 Web Page Development
The Internet, web browsers, and web-page-development technology: web-page design and implementation
internet web browser web page develop technolog web page design implement hypertext markup languag h
10 190 Undergraduate Seminar in Computing and Information Sciences
Topics of special interest in computing and information sciences.
topic special interest comput inform scienc
11 200 Programming Fundamentals
Principles of algorithm design and their application to procedural programming: state, control struc
principl algorithm design applic procedur program state control structur method pattern condit iter
12 209 C Programming for Engineers
Application of computers to engineering problems. Abstraction and problem solving; algorithms; contr
applic comput engin problem abstract problem solv algorithm control structur input output function a
13 225 Personal Computer Systems Administration
An introduction to the maintenance and configuration of (personal) computer hardware and software: h
introduct mainten configur person comput hardwar softwar hardwar configur comput upgrad instal syste
14 300 Data and Program Structures
A study of common data and program structures together with associated algorithms. Topics include in
studi common data program structur algorithm topic includ interfac design pattern arrai stack queue
15 301 Logical Foundations of Programming
Logical formalisms used to model and reason about computer systems. Propositional and predicate logi
logic formal model reason comput system proposit predic logic syntax semant proof theori sound compl
16 362 Introduction to Business Programming
An introduction to basic business programming techniques including file manipulation operations and
introduct basic busi program techniqu includ file manipul oper sort cobol languag implement tool
17 415 Ethics and Computing Technology
A study of the ethical issues raised by computing technologies and the impact on society. Topics inc
studi ethic issu rais comput technolog impact societi topic includ examin profess code conduct compu
18 450 Computer Architecture and Operations
Introduction to modern computer architectures: register transfer abstraction, addressing modes, basi
introduct modern comput architectur regist transfer abstract address mode basic oper data transfer a
19 497 Undergraduate Research Experience
Open to students pursuing undergraduate research projects.
open student pursu undergradu research project
20 499 Honors Research/Thesis
Individual research problem selected with approval of faculty advisor. A report/thesis is presented
individu research problem select approv faculti advisor report thesi present oral write semest
21 501 Software Architecture and Design
Principles and patterns for design and structure of software, development of object-oriented models,
principl pattern design structur softwar develop object orient model exampl softwar architectur
22 505 Introduction to Programming Languages
History, programming language concepts including type, scope and extent, abstraction mechanisms and
histori program languag concept includ type scope extent abstract mechan control program paradigm in
23 520 Operating Systems I
Operating systems concepts, services, and implementation: interrupt processing, processes, concurren
oper system concept servic implement interrupt process process concurr deadlock resourc schedul syst
24 521 Real-Time Programming Laboratory
Project-oriented introduction to asynchronous processes and related systems software: device drivers
project orient introduct asynchron process relat system softwar devic driver event driven oper hiera
25 522 Introduction to Data Structures
Introduction to basic data structures such as stacks, queues, lists, and priority queues, and algori
introduct basic data structur stack queue list prioriti queue algorithm techniqu sort search hash em
26 523 Introduction to Concurrent Programming
Introduction to concurrent programming techniques based on message passing primitives (send/receive)
introduct concurr program techniqu base messag pass primit send receiv share memori semaphor base op
27 525 Telecommunications and Data Communication Systems
Basic concepts including OSI 7 layer model, data transmission methods, medium access, link control,
basic concept includ osi layer model data transmiss method medium access link control connect manag
28 526 Web Interface Design
Fundamental principles and best practices of interface design, web service design, advanced web inte
fundament principl practic interfac design web servic design advanc web interfac web develop framewo
29 527 Enterprise Systems Administration
Administration of the Linux operating system, including installation, configuration, distributed fil
administr linux oper system includ instal configur distribut file system firewal secur shell script
30 530 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Fundamental background in intelligent systems for undergraduate students. Intelligent agents, proble
fundament background intellig system undergradu student intellig agent problem solv uninform inform
31 536 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Introduction to computer graphics for undergraduate students. Mathematical foundations (e.g., linear
introduct comput graphic undergradu student mathemat foundat linear affin project transform fundamen
32 544 Advanced Software Design and Development
Advanced concepts and practicum in object-oriented analysis, modeling, design, implementation, testi
advanc concept practicum object orient analysi model design implement test case tool relationship st
33 548 Software Management
Topics related to the management of software, including organization, project planning, process mode
topic relat manag softwar includ organ project plan process model life cycl model tqm softwar qualit
34 551 Introduction to Computer and Information Security
An introduction to computer and information security, including common attack techniques, applicatio
introduct comput inform secur includ common attack techniqu applic cryptographi secur authent author
35 553 Intro Applied Cryptography
Introduction to the fundamentals of cryptography, including mathematical background, classical ciphe
introduct fundament cryptographi includ mathemat background classic cipher public kei encrypt block
36 560 Database System Concepts
Concepts, approaches, and techniques in database management. Representation of information as data,
concept approach techniqu databas manag represent inform data data storag techniqu foundat logic dat
37 562 Enterprise Information Systems
Models for E-Commerce and for business applications, database management systems, relational data m
model commerc busi applic databas manag system relat data model normal form queri languag secur feat
38 570 Introduction to Formal Language Theory
Formal languages, automata, regular expressions, grammars, introduction to computability theory. Rea
formal languag automata regular express grammar introduct comput theori read write inform mathemat p
39 575 Introduction to Algorithm Analysis
An introduction to mathematical analysis of time- and space-complexity of algorithms, including wors
introduct mathemat analysi time space complex algorithm includ worst case averag case amort complex
40 580 Fundamentals of Game Programming
Fundamental principles of programming games. Foundational game algorithms and data structures. Two-d
fundament principl program game foundat game algorithm data structur dimension graphic physic simul
41 585 Game Engine Design
Current practices of game engine development. The game engine as a soft real-time multi-agent simula
current practic game engin develop game engin soft real time multi agent simul dimension graphic ani
42 595 IS Cooperative Internship
The intern works in a professional capacity in various areas of Information Systems such as web deve
intern work profession capac area inform system web develop program applic develop inform technolog
43 597 Information Systems Project
Directed studies: selection and completion of a project; may include collaboration with other studen
direct studi select complet project includ collabor student includ design analysi implement complet
44 598 Computer Science Project
Directed studies: selection, investigation and report on some topic not covered in prior courses; ma
direct studi select investig report topic cover prior cours includ implement experiment compon colla
45 604 Set Theory and Logic for CS
Informal and axiomatic set theory, propositional and predicate logic, proof techniques.
inform axiomat set theori proposit predic logic proof techniqu
46 621 Real-Time Programming Fundamentals
Relationship between C/C++ constructs and corresponding assembly code generated by compilers. Introd
relationship construct assembl code gener compil introduct special techniqu implement micro control
47 622 Real-Time Operating Systems
Basic real-time operating systems concepts and services; interrupt processing; process and thread mo
basic real time oper system concept servic interrupt process process thread model real time softwar
48 625 Concurrent Software Systems
Architecture, design, modeling, implementation, and verification of concurrent, parallel, and distri
architectur design model implement verif concurr parallel distribut softwar aspect real time program
49 635 Introduction to Computer-Based Knowledge Systems
Introduction to the applications of artificial intelligence concepts to solving knowledge-dependent
introduct applic artifici intellig concept solv knowledg depend task review knowledg represent idea
50 636 Introduction to Computer Graphics
Devices and software for graphics display and user interaction, development of software for direct g
devic softwar graphic displai user interact develop softwar direct graphic manipul applic
51 638 Multimedia Systems
Introduction to computer graphics devices, user interaction; history and scope; multimedia structure
introduct comput graphic devic user interact histori scope multimedia structur encod method standard
52 640 Software Testing Techniques
Survey of software testing methodologies; evaluation of software testing strategies; experience in a
survei softwar test methodolog evalu softwar test strategi experi varieti softwar test practic
53 641 Software Engineering Design Project
Current practices of software development, requirements, design, prototyping, measures and evaluatio
current practic softwar develop requir design prototyp measur evalu specif design prototyp softwar s
54 642 Software Engineering Project I
The first semester of a two-semester capstone course. Current practices of software development, req
semest semest capston current practic softwar develop requir design prototyp measur evalu specif des
55 643 Software Engineering Project II
Continuation of CIS 642. Final implementation, integration, and testing of a software system. Introd
continu final implement integr test softwar system introduct configur manag project manag softwar ma
56 645 Software Development Environments
Survey of current development environments and/or an in-depth study of one development environment.
survei current develop environ depth studi develop environ
57 690 Implementation Project
The department will suggest various design or implementation projects for individuals or groups in a
depart suggest design implement project individu group area translat interpret microprogram minicomp
58 705 Programming Languages
Programming language concepts, including typing, scoping, abstraction and exceptions; programming pa
program languag concept includ type scope abstract except program paradigm includ logic function obj
59 706 Translator Design I
Compilers and interpreters, including description of languages, finite state scanners. LL(1) parsing
compil interpret includ descript languag finit state scanner pars symbol tabl syntax direct semant s
60 710 Computer Simulation Experiments
Principles of digital computer simulation; discrete simulation method, statistics of simulations; im
principl digit comput simul discret simul method statist simul implement
61 720 Advanced Operating Systems
Process synchronization and communication, distributed programming primitives, transactions and conc
process synchron commun distribut program primit transact concurr control distribut schedul distribu
62 721 Real-Time Systems
The design of hard real-time embedded systems, including language and operating system support, sche
design hard real time embed system includ languag oper system support schedul schedul analysi fault
63 722 Operating System Practices
Structure and functions of modern operating systems. Emphasis on reading and modifying the source co
structur function modern oper system emphasi read modifi sourc code work oper system includ memori m
64 725 Advanced Computer Networks
Network algorithms; routing and congestion control; protocol engineering; protocol decomposition, sp
network algorithm rout congest control protocol engin protocol decomposit specif verif synthesi prot
65 726 Advanced World Wide Web Technologies
An advanced course on the technologies that make up the World Wide Web. WWW site designs and analysi
advanc technolog make world wide web www site design analysi www softwar architectur server side tec
66 730 Principles of Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques of AI: problem solving, search and planning,
introduct fundament concept techniqu problem solv search plan knowledg represent qualit reason exper
67 732 Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Theory and methodology of inductive learning, including decision trees, artificial neural networks,
theori methodolog induct learn includ decis tree artifici neural network probabilist instanc base le
68 734 Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics
A problem solving approach to understanding genomics and bioinformatics. Practical use of databases
problem solv approach understand genom bioinformat practic databas web base tool studi biolog proble
69 736 Computer Graphics
Topics in computer representation and display of images and graphic interaction.
topic comput represent displai imag graphic interact
70 740 Software Engineering
Software life cycle, requirements, specifications, design, validation, measures, and maintenance.
softwar life cycl requir specif design valid measur mainten
71 744 Advanced Software Analysis and Design
Advanced concepts and practicum in object-oriented analysis, modeling, design, implementation, testi
advanc concept practicum object orient analysi model design implement test case tool relationship st
72 746 Software Measurement
Measurement theory; development, validation and use of software measures; software measures in the l
measur theori develop valid softwar measur softwar measur life cycl includ cost estim design measur
73 748 Advanced Software Management
Topics related to the management of software, including organization, project planning, process mode
topic relat manag softwar includ organ project plan process model life cycl model tqm softwar qualit
74 750 Advanced Computer Architecture Experiments
Characteristics of various computers including those with execution support of multiprocessing, mult
characterist comput includ execut support multiprocess multiprogram microprogramm high level languag
75 751 Computer and Information Security
A comprehensive coverage of computer and information security. Basic cryptography, access control, a
comprehens coverag comput inform secur basic cryptographi access control authent author network secu
76 753 Applied Cryptography
Fundamentals of cryptography, including mathematical background, classical ciphers, public key encry
fundament cryptographi includ mathemat background classic cipher public kei encrypt block stream cip
77 755 Advanced Computer and Information Security
In-depth coverage of advanced theoretical and practical security techniques with emphasis on constru
depth coverag advanc theoret practic secur techniqu emphasi construct system audit repair exist secu
78 761 Data Base Management Systems
Data models and languages, hierarchical, network, relational systems; implementation and operational
data model languag hierarch network relat system implement oper requir program project data base man
79 762 Office Automation
Characteristics of information work; modeling systems for characterizing aspects of office environme
characterist inform work model system character aspect offic environ form base system offic autom de
80 764 Database Design
Conceptual, logical, physical, and user interface design for database management systems.
conceptu logic physic user interfac design databas manag system
81 770 Formal Language Theory
Regular languages, finite automata, context-free languages, pushdown automata, context-sensitive lan
regular languag finit automata context free languag pushdown automata context sensit languag linear
82 771 Software Specification
Formal logic or specification of software components; algebraic vs. model-based specifications; comm
formal logic specif softwar compon algebra model base specif common abstract type verif properti spe
83 775 Analysis of Algorithms
Study and application of techniques and procedures used in the analysis of algorithms including the
studi applic techniqu procedur analysi algorithm includ worst averag case time space studi class