Course List

# Number Title
1 500 Quantitative Foundations for Information Systems Analysis
Provides common background in basic quantitative areas focused on decision making, information proce
common background basic quantit area focus decis make inform process telecommun topic includ review
2 504 Issues of Cyberspace
Student panels explore, report on, and make recommendations regarding major and novel problems prese
student panel explor report make recommend major problem present explos intrus growth cyberspac lega
3 510 Learning Technology: Theory, Application and Design
Introduces students to theory, application and design of learning technologies, discussing why techn
introduc student theori applic design learn technolog discuss technolog learn educ appli design digi
4 521 Software Engineering Essentials
Provides an overview of essential topics in software engineering, including problem solving with com
overview essenti topic softwar engin includ problem solv comput requir softwar design softwar develo
5 524 Database Management Essentials
Relational database management systems. Covers logical and physical database design; query languages
relat databas manag system cover logic physic databas design queri languag databas program examin co
6 580 Analytics: Big Data to Information
Course provides an overview of Big Data and its use in commercial, scientific, governmental and othe
overview big data commerci scientif government applic topic includ technic technic disciplin requir
7 581 Problem Formation and Solving in Big Data
The course explores challenges facing analysts exploiting Big Data or Bespoke Data in combination wi
explor challeng face analyst exploit big data bespok data combin big data solut mind fact intellectu
8 582 Applications of Metadata in Complex Big Data Problems
Course explores technical and analytical issues, solutions and gaps in processing large volumes of d
explor technic analyt issu solut gap process larg volum data leverag metadata goal find fact interes
9 590 Topics in Applied Information Technology
Topics in the application of information technology. Students are expected to participate actively t
topic applic inform technolog student expect particip activ class dialogu craft solut specif problem
10 597 Developing IT Leaders of Integrity
Considers the cultural and organizational influences and focuses on leadership's ethical dimensions.
consid cultur organiz influenc focus leadership ethic dimens student identifi core valu studi attrib
11 601 Foundations of Applied Information Technology
Introduces students to foundational scholarship in applied information technology. Reviews seminal r
introduc student foundat scholarship appli inform technolog review semin read applic inform technolo
12 602 Introduction to Research in Applied Information Technology
Introduces students to research methods required to conduct original research in applied information
introduc student research method requir conduct origin research appli inform technolog review resear
13 603 Research Practice
Complementing AIT 602's treatment on the nature of AIT research, this course examines various pragma
complement ait treatment natur ait research examin pragmat aspect conduct research includ research v
14 622 Determining Needs for Complex Big Data Systems
Explores Big Data Systems Engineering methodologies for consensus in system needs among stakeholders
explor big data system engin methodolog consensu system stakehold perspect compet object goal effici
15 624 Semantic Web Tools for Multimedia Applications
Methods, languages, and tools related to the knowledge technologies for Multimedia Applications from
method languag tool relat knowledg technolog multimedia applic appli perspect focu relev research pr
16 631 Advanced Decision Making in IT Ventures
The course provides students with an understanding of decision making processes and methodologies ne
student understand decis make process methodolog need successfulli run compani topic includ assess i
17 650 Distributed Systems and Overlay Networking
This graduate level seminar examines advanced networking research topics and potential applications,
graduat level seminar examin advanc network research topic potenti applic includ distribut system pe
18 665 Managing Information Technology Programs in the Federal Sector
This case study-grounded seminar introduces student team members to the unique complexities of the F
case studi ground seminar introduc student team member uniqu complex feder sector includ congression
19 670 Best Practices Managing Security and Privacy for Cloud Computing
Offers a survey of security and privacy issues in Cloud Computing systems, along with an overview of
offer survei secur privaci issu cloud comput system overview current solut technolog examin cloud co
20 671 Information System Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
Examines information system infrastructure lifecycle management including the audit process, IT gove
examin inform system infrastructur lifecycl manag includ audit process govern practic system infrast
21 672 Identity Management for Federal IT
Provides a hands-on in-depth description of the principles, concepts, and technology of Identity Man
hand depth descript principl concept technolog ident manag topic includ digit ident credenti authent
22 673 Cyber Incident Handling and Response
Examines Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), including Incident Response, Vulnerability Assessm
examin comput emerg respons team cert includ incid respons vulner assess incid analysi malcod analys
23 674 Research, Development and Technology in the Intelligence Community
Provides overview of research, development and engineering components of agencies within U.S. Intell
overview research develop engin compon agenc intellig commun priorit research deliv product collect
24 675 Overview of the National Intelligence Community
Introduces structure and basic operations of the U.S. national intelligence community (IC). Students
introduc structur basic oper nation intellig commun student learn gener inform organ structur missio
25 676 Intelligence Technologies, Research and Development in the Intelligence Community
Overview of R & D and engineering components of agencies within U.S. Intelligence. Describes: proces
overview engin compon agenc intellig describ process agenc priorit research deliv product collect pr
26 677 Intelligence Analysis Methods
Presents various intelligence analysis methods addressing basic topics: substance-blind analysis of
present intellig analysi method address basic topic substanc blind analysi evid credenti chain custo
27 678 National Security Challenges
Presents the process by which decision makers identify and prioritize intelligence problems and allo
present process decis maker identifi priorit intellig problem alloc collect analysi resourc solut di
28 679 Law and Ethics of Big Data
Examines Law, Ethics and Policy in Big Data operations.
examin law ethic polici big data oper
29 685 Capstone Seminar
Student team-based experience grounded on solid understanding of the proceeding nine courses mastere
student team base experi ground solid understand proceed cours master program area studi team analyz
30 690 Advanced Topics in Applied Information Technology
Students participate actively through class dialogues and the crafting of IT solutions to specific p
student particip activ class dialogu craft solut specif problem area satisfi requir phd student
31 697 Leading Organizations Through Change
Introduces students to the critical tools for leading organizations through sustainable change. Thro
introduc student critic tool lead organ sustain chang select read discuss team project class activ g
32 699 Research Capstone
Pursuit of a research project chosen with and directed by a research faculty member culminating in a
pursuit research project chosen direct research faculti member culmin journal qualiti paper publicli
33 701 Cyber Security: Emerging Threats and Countermeasures
Covers security issues and current best practices in several applicative domains, ranging from the e
cover secur issu current practic applic domain rang enterpris militari discuss emerg secur threat co
34 702 Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
The course presents students with a principled approach to ethical hacking, and offers an in-depth a
present student principl approach ethic hack offer depth analysi process includ aspect relat scan te
35 710 Design of Learning and Educational Technologies
Examines foundations, theoretical perspectives, underlying learning theories, case studies, and key
examin foundat theoret perspect underli learn theori case studi kei enabl technolog provid context u
36 711 Rapid Development of Scalable Applications
Presents software engineering, programming techniques, security practices, platforms and tools neces
present softwar engin program techniqu secur practic platform tool rapid develop applic survei progr
37 721 Design of IT Artifacts, Applications and Systems
This course will introduce students to design principles and design thinking in applied information
introduc student design principl design think appli inform technolog student learn approach design a
38 799 Master's Thesis
Pursuit of a research project chosen with and directed by a research faculty member culminating in a
pursuit research project chosen direct research faculti member culmin report thesi publicli present
39 800 Applied Information Technology Colloquium
Students attend a series of colloquia including talks by distinguished speakers, faculty candidates
student attend seri colloquia includ talk distinguish speaker faculti candid mason faculti topic are