Course List

# Number Title
1 0 Algorithms and Complexity (AL)
Algorithms are fundamental to computer science and software engineering. The real-world performance
algorithm fundament comput scienc softwar engin real world perform softwar system depend algorithm c
2 0 Architecture and Organization (AR)
Computing professionals should not regard the computer as just a black box that executes programs by
comput profession regard comput black box execut program magic knowledg area architectur organ build
3 0 Computational Science (CN)
Computational Science is a field of applied computer science, that is, the application of computer s
comput scienc field appli comput scienc applic comput scienc solv problem rang disciplin book introd
4 0 Discrete Structures (DS)
Discrete structures are foundational material for computer science. By foundational we mean that rel
discret structur foundat materi comput scienc foundat comput scientist work primarili discret struct
5 0 Graphics and Visualization (GV)
Computer graphics is the term commonly used to describe the computer generation and manipulation of
comput graphic term commonli describ comput gener manipul imag scienc enabl visual commun comput inc
6 0 Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Human-computer interaction (HCI) is concerned with designing interactions between human activities a
human comput interact hci concern design interact human activ comput system support construct interf
7 0 Information Assurance and Security (IAS)
In CS2013, the Information Assurance and Security KA is added to the Body of Knowledge in recognitio
inform assur secur bodi knowledg recognit world relianc inform technolog critic role comput scienc e
8 0 Information Management (IM)
Information Management is primarily concerned with the capture, digitization, representation, organi
inform manag primarili concern captur digit represent organ transform present inform algorithm effic
9 0 Intelligent Systems (IS)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the study of solutions for problems that are difficult or impractica
artifici intellig studi solut problem difficult impract solv tradit method pervas support everydai a
10 0 Networking and Communication (NC)
The Internet and computer networks are now ubiquitous and a growing number of computing activities s
internet comput network ubiquit grow number comput activ strongli depend correct oper underli networ
11 0 Operating Systems (OS)
An operating system defines an abstraction of hardware and manages resource sharing among the comput
oper system defin abstract hardwar manag resourc share comput user topic area explain basic knowledg
12 0 Platform-Based Development (PBD)
Platform-based development is concerned with the design and development of software applications tha
platform base develop concern design develop softwar applic resid specif softwar platform contrast g
13 0 Parallel and Distributed Computing (PD)
The past decade has brought explosive growth in multiprocessor computing, including multi-core proce
past decad brought explos growth multiprocessor comput includ multi core processor distribut data ce
14 0 Programming Languages (PL)
Programming languages are the medium through which programmers precisely describe concepts, formulat
program languag medium programm precis describ concept formul algorithm reason solut career comput s
15 0 Software Development Fundamentals (SDF)
Fluency in the process of software development is a prerequisite to the study of most of computer sc
fluenci process softwar develop prerequisit studi comput scienc order comput solv problem effect stu
16 0 Software Engineering (SE)
In every computing application domain, professionalism, quality, schedule, and cost are critical to
comput applic domain profession qualiti schedul cost critic produc softwar system element softwar en
17 0 Systems Fundamentals (SF)
The underlying hardware and software infrastructure upon which applications are constructed is colle
underli hardwar softwar infrastructur applic construct collect term comput system comput system broa
18 0 Social Issues and Professional Practice (SP)
While technical issues are central to the computing curriculum, they do not constitute a complete ed
technic issu central comput curriculum constitut complet educ program field student expos larger soc